Happy Clients

Tracy_McMahon_massage_asheville ~Lucille, at 89 years old. She has been a client for 12 years and loves her bi-weekly massages for sustaining a quality of life and easing shoulder, hand, and back aches and pains.

Through my travels, I've received massages around the world and I knew from my first appointment with Tracy, she is the best. Her presence and office is a vortex of comfort.
~Monica Groves, Asheville, NC

It amazes me that every time Tracy works on me she does something different and it's exactly what I need.
~Tiffany Sawyer, Salon Amore, Asheville, NC

It's wonderful when you find a good massage therapist. I have been going to Tracy for several years now, and I am always impressed by her ability to intuitively sense where the trouble spots are. Sometimes it's tightness in the legs from running/biking. Sometimes it's tension in the neck and upper back. I always leave feeling better and more relaxed. I absolutely would recommend her.
~D.N., MD, Asheville, NC

Words can only hint at how I feel after having a massage with Tracy: nurtured, centered, relaxed and yet rejuvenated. Tracy is intuitive - her hands always go directly to any troubled spot without my saying a word. She is innovative - no 2 treatments are ever the same. She is strong and yet gentle. Her studio is warm and inviting, safe and secure. I have been a regular client for several years, and feel blessed each time I am able to spend an hour under her care. I will gladly sing her praises to one and all.
~Sandra Holden, Asheville, NC

Massage therapy is good for the body, mind and spirit, and Tracy provides an atmosphere to enhance all of these. Her massage room initiates a calm and peaceful feeling to come over you the minute you walk in. Then when you leave, you take that sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation with you. I have had carpal tunnel for 10+ years, and by having massage therapy on a monthly basis, I do not have to take any medication and have not had to have surgery. Going this route has been very beneficial for me, and I would highly recommend Tracy as she is very professional and takes her job seriously in helping others as evidenced by her warm spirit. She also keeps up to date with all the latest massage techniques and incorporates aromatherapy and other methods into her practice.
~Kay Hoglen, Candler, NC

Tracy has golden hands! I have been getting massages for my entire life and she has an intuitive sense of where your body needs extra work and attention and just goes to work. I always leave the table relaxed, yet energized, feeling taller and looser. She is the ultimate professional therapist and I really just want to put her in my suitcase whenever I travel so that I can feel as well on the road as when I am at home on her table. Once you have the good sense to have Tracy as your life saver, you will know she is the very best and you will want to make a lifetime contract with her....as I have done.
~Susan Holden, longtime client

I have known Tracy since she began her studies in massage therapy and you know when you feel someone has really found their calling but you get to benefit from it too? This is one of those examples. I truly value the fact that Tracy always provides a professional experience yet shows genuine interest in my needs from her and what might be bothering me at the time. Every time I go I do feel that she brings something new to the session but there is still the comfort of her consistent expertise.
~B. Baker, Asheville, NC

I have been seeing Tracy as a very satisfied client once a week for almost nine years. During this time, I am happy to say, we have also become friends. That friendship has not gotten in the way of her professionalism. I have had regular massages for over 30 years ... but, no one is like Tracy. When I began seeing her I had pain in both hips that kept me from enjoying what I love most, which is walking. Tracy did her magic and that pain is history. The hour spent on her table is one of total bliss. I often ask her if she has taken a class since our last session because she always seems to have something new and wonderful that she incorporates in our time together. There is NOTHING ROUTINE about a massage with Tracy. She gives from her heart, it comes through those beautiful hands and the healing enters you. It is a pleasure to recommend Tracy to family and friends, everyone comes away singing her praises.
~Lorraine K., happy client and dear friend

Tracy has provided me with excellent massages during my pregnancy. After each session, I mentally felt more relaxed and physically felt better. Tracy has always been professional, friendly, and I don't hesitate to recommend her services.
~Fay, Asheville, NC

It is not in my nature to relax. I'm always thinking of something to do, even in my days off from work. However, when I go to a massage with Tracy, I know that I can truly unwind. She has fashioned her room so that it is immediately calming to enter. Tracy knows how to put you at ease and talks through any particular areas that you are aware of being tense. My husband and I have been purchasing massage packages for years and we consider Tracy a real friend. It is our pleasure to experience her wonderful massage techniques.
~AH., Lab Supervisor

Tracy is a wonderful massage therapist and she compliments her years of experience by incorporating additional healing modalities and working intuitively to tailor her work to the specific needs of her clients. I know these things through many years of receiving her healing touch and leaving her office floating on a cloud!
~Leslie Shaw, Leslie Shaw Design

For a dozen years my wife and I have enjoyed the relaxation, and peace that Tracy's hands bring to us. The brief interludes of quiet from a busy life her deep tissue massages brings is a true oasis of bliss that calms the soul and refreshes the mind. With unbelievable daftness she finds those tiny areas of tightness; the nooks and crannies of tension our busy day to day lives rev up in our body and psyche and melts them away. Tracy's caring and help extend beyond that small oasis of 45 minutes, an hour, or an hour and a half if you are lucky enough to be able to spare the time from a busy life to a more comprehensive approach for her clients well being. She is quick to share knowledge picked up from message work shops, yoga training, aroma therapy, and herbal work shops and often passes on helpful tidbits of information for home relief---- a stretch that will relieve the ache in the calves, an herbal preparation that calms an itch, or a reference to a website where you might find more information about a specific problem you are having. For truly comprehensive caring and care Tracy is unique and wonderful.
~A pleasantly pleased retired OD

Tracy has been my massage therapist for eight years. In a town filled with therapists that in itself is a testimonial. She is innovative and knowledgeable, using her training and sense of touch to find that little point on the body that is the the source of aches and pains. Tracy will create the space you want for relaxation and healing. She is always on time, always professional, and adds a special something to the therapeutic experience.
~Lucy Tirk, a satisfied client, Asheville, NC

Tracy is very knowledgable and continues to expand massage techniques to apply and willing to suggest techniques that are helpful for your body. Her personable and caring personality make each visit above expectations!
~Deborah Anders, DDS

I love Tracy's massages! She is incredibly nurturing, positive and talented. Highly recommended! ~Juliet Blankespoor, Founder, Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

Tracy is a gifted healer. The bodywork I've received from her has consistently helped me to achieve a sense of renewal of energy and a spiritual uplifting! ~Greg Schwartz, Asheville, NC