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Massage and Vital Therapies

Unlike many establishments, there are no extra fees charged for treatment additions (within the allotted time) like hot stones, hot towels, herbal oils, aromatherapy, dry brushing, etc…and Tracy’s office is equipped with goodies like tuning forks, singing bowls, and a professional grade stereo system. She likes to be able to apply these extra services as the need arises, to facilitate the best experience for the client in each session, and not be bogged down with extra fees for every little thing.

Cash, check, and credit cards accepted.

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  • 1 hour………………..$80
  • 75 min………………..$100
  • 90 min………………$120
  • 120 min………………$175

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Massage Packages

Purchasing a package (“series” when purchasing through our online system) is making a THRIVE commitment to yourself and well being. Regularly scheduled massages is an excellent way to maintain wellness and peace of mind. Packages must be paid in full prior to the start of the first appointment in the package. They are non-refundable, and single session are transferable (may be used as gifts).

    • 4 Hours, $5 off each session…………………………………..$300

This package saves you $20.

    • 8 Hours, $10.00 off each session………………………………$570

This package saves you $80.

    • 6 sessions of 90 minutes, $15 off each session…………………$630

This package saves you $94.

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Foot Massage Asheville

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Classes & Workshops

Every class, consultation, and workshop includes email follow-up for up to two weeks after date of session.

Couples Massage

    • Private: $220 plus travel time for 1 ½ hour private couple’s massage instruction. Includes free book “Couple’s Massage,” a personalized bottle of oil, a guided meditation mp3. Book your private class here.
    • Workshop: $80 per person for 6 hour couples massage workshop. Either sign up with Tracy for next available class, or you can put a class together with friends.


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Cancellations & Fees

Please allow a notice of at least 24 hours in case of cancellation/reschedule. Cancellations in less than 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged full price of the services. You value your time, please respect your therapist’s time as well.

No-shows will be charged the full amount of the appointment rate.

A fee of $25 will be charged for a returned check.

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Gift Certificates

Certificates are non-refundable and hold no cash value, and are transferable (may be redeemed by someone other than the intended recipient, “regifted”).

In case of cancellation of less than 24 hours notice, and to honor the gift giver’s intent in sharing a wonderful experience, the value of the certificate is reduced to half (30 minute certificates convert to a 15 minute credit, as the minimum appointment time is 30 minutes).

A “no-show” (no notice of cancellation) invalidates the certificate.


  • I intend to provide the best possible massage experience each and every time, specific to your needs.
  • I honor your own choices of self care.
  • I will refer you to another health care practitioner if your needs are beyond my scope of practice.


Your trust is important to me and I treat confidentiality as a serious responsibility. What you say and experience before, during, and after your session is private. I will not share any information about your sessions, and your frequency of visits, with anyone else without your consent.

Right of Refusal

The therapist has the right of refusal of service to any one. Both the therapist and the client have the right to stop and terminate a session at any time.

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