Therapeutic Massage – Blending Modern Science with Ancient Arts

Asheville Massage TreatmentsTo facilitate the best experience and results possible, the massage sessions are a blend of modern science (applying clinical approaches), and ancient arts (for a whole body-mind connection), which is a skill and art Tracy has developed over the past 14 years. By utilizing state of the art technologies, such as myofascial release, neuromuscular, and trigger point and cranial-sacral therapies, pain cycles may be interrupted in order for healing to occur.

But the body experience is not limited to fascia (connective tissue) and trigger points (areas of distinct pain). Tracy combines these modern applications with systems that have stood the test of time. To facilitate an experience for the client that is rich with deep nourishment, she integrates ancient arts such as acupressure, guided body scan meditation, massage cupping, the vibration of singing bowls and acu-tuning (tuning forks placed on acupressure points), and the wisdom of plant medicine thru herb-infused oils, and balms. A session may also include a personalized blend of aromatic plant essences, cryotherapy thru hot and cold stones or packs, hot herbal compresses, and dry skin brushing.

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The following are therapeutic services offered by Tracy at breathe Intuit. See Massage Therapy Modalities for more information about each service.

    Acupressure ● Neuromuscular Therapy ● Massage Cupping ● Myofascial Release ● Craniosacral Therapy
    Kinesio Taping ● Sports Massage ● Pregnancy Massage ● Reflexology ● Aromatherapy & Herbal Applications
    Cryotherapy (hot/cold) ● Hot Stones ● Dry Brushing ● Vibrational Sound Healing (singing bowls & tuning forks)
    Guided Meditation ● Couples Massage ● 4 Hands Massage


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