Deep Relaxation with Guided Body Scan Meditation

Guided Meditation Asheville

Facilitated by Tracy McMahon, accompanied by Paula Hanke

Deep relaxation is an art. It takes practice to let go of not only the daily stressors of life, but also to renew and be deeply nourished.

The Body Scan Meditation can be done as a very short, two minute quickie, or as long as 30 or more minutes. I heard about this meditation from four sources, each with their unique interpretation of it, but essentially the same: an accessible, easy way to transition from the busy thinking mind, into the body-mind, a chance to tune-in to the body’s messages, and balance the proprioception (where we are in space). I learned of this body-centering method through the time-tested tradition of yoga, called Yoga Nidra; a bodywork mentor, Spencer Liu, PT, who gives this body scan as homework to each of his clients from the first day of working with them; I also heard about this body scan through Jon Kabbat-Zinn’s mindfulness research at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center; and I experienced this meditation first hand while at a mindfulness retreat in upstate New York. I felt the value of this simple exercise, balancing the body, calming the mind. I started implementing this guided sequence into the beginning of massage treatments, serving as a transition from the clients’ hectic day into the serene sanctuary of the massage.

Meditation as an Art
Meditation Massage Asheville

©Sean Stamm

Mindfulness is increasingly being seen as an antidote to the stresses of modern life. It’s a source of happiness, not just for ourselves, but for those around us, too. When we are calm, our peacefulness penetrates everything we do, and most importantly, our interactions with others.

I have often heard, “But I tried to meditate once, and I can’t clear my mind of thinking.” You know what? Even the most practiced meditators experience this, too! It takes practice, just be quiet and notice, be the witness to those thoughts. You may start to have glimpses of “no thought”, but more importantly, don’t judge yourself and let go of expectations. 

Mindfulness Meditation
Massage as Meditation

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