Tracy McMahon, LMBTMassage Therapist & Owner, breathe Intuit
“I liken my work to fine artisanal chocolate. Fine chocolate feeds all the senses. It’s both an art and science to craft a session to suit the client’s individual needs.”


Get to know Tracy
Tracy is fortunate to be someone who loves her work. She gets to combine her personal interests in natural health with her profession of choice, all while working with people who inspire her…her clients! She loves learning new things having to do with, and deepening her understanding of, natural health and healing. She’s been working out of the same office for 13 years, so has really been able to personalize the space– even operating a low-key art gallery, Gallery Osage, in the common areas of the hallway and waiting room. She has enjoyed living in Asheville for 22 years, and finds her sanctuary in nature.
Her journey of becoming a LMBT
On a Personal Note
Her Inspiration

Do not be satisfied by the stories that have come before you. Unfold your own myth. ~ Rumi