1. Breathe

The body responds to the breath like the opening of a closed fist. Deep, slow breathing during the massage focuses your minds enlivens your body, and relaxes you all at the same time. It’s one of the most important things you can do during the session to maximize the benefits.


2. Visualize

As the massage therapist works on tight areas or knots, visualize those places loosening up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with visualization techniques.


3. Let Go

Don’t help the therapist lift your arm or turn your head (unless she asks). Try exercising ultimate control by letting go. Sometimes is comes more easily with practice!


4. You’re the Boss

Just because you’re lying down doesn’t mean you have to be all-compliant. Don’t like the music? Want the room cooler or the pressure lighter? You know best what is right for you. Just speak up.


5. No Pain, No Gain -No Way!

Firm, well-focused pressure can do wonders for knots and patterns of tension, but don’t surpass your threshold of pain.


6. Blissing Out is Okay

Sometimes massage makes you feel ecstatic, like you’re floating in dreamland. Enjoy!


7. Be in the Present Moment

You think all day long. Massage is a great opportunity to do a “massage meditation”  -to focus on the sensations you’re experiencing and think about nothing else. See the page about Mindfulness Meditation.


8. Undressing is Optional

If you’re uncomfortable with any kind of skin exposure, stay covered. You can get a perfectly good massage fully clothed.


9. Listen to Your Emotions

Memories and feelings get buried in our bodies and its natural that they may emerge when you are touched with care, compassion, and gentleness. Relax, breathe, and allow any emotion to come. There is no judgment and the therapist will do her best to honor your experience.


10. Be Grateful

During your massage, be grateful for what you’re experiencing in the moment, for taking the time for your self care. Afterwards, share your appreciation with the person who gave it to you, and he or she will look forward to the next massage just as much as you will.